About Us

We are a young kennel for German shepherd dogs, which was internationally protected on 07th March 2012 in the SV and at the FCI under the name Schrauber’s. The idea for the kennel name Schrauber’s comes from a nickname a friend gave me: Schraubär. It roughly means something like mechanic, for I am a mechanic with body and soul, so we chose this kennel name.

After our beloved dogs Louis Kyrill vom Altdeutschen Eck and Fenja vom kleinen Zigeuner had passed away, we got Fuzzi vom Sulzachgrund in August 2015. She is my first female in IPO-Sport and not an easy task, because she has everything a good working dog should have. We decided to start breeding in the kennel Schrauber’s with her to lay the foundation stone for our breeding.

It is the effort of every breeder to establish his own bloodline, based on a suitable female. Fuzzi vom Sulachgrund has all the necessary characteristics; anyone who knows her can confirm this, even if the test results were often spoiled by me (to excuse that she is my first dog in IPO sport).

It is our goal to preserve the German Shepherd and to pass on his strengths. We are working very hard to reach this goal. It is not simply a matter of reproducing the German Shepherd, but of striving for higher goals.

We have been doing the dog sport since 2002. First in the rescue dog work, then in the IPO sport in the OG Lemgo, where my wife is active as a trainer and I am active as a protection service helper and hold the office of the breed warden.

A big thanks for his energetic support goes to my good friend Jörn, who leads me again and again on the right track. We would also like to thank all the other members of our local group, who are always there to help and advise us. The same thanks go to the OG Steinheim Westfahlen.

Last but not least we would like to thank all the others who have accompanied us on our way and helped us.